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109/12/2016ADDITION in CENTRE: B.A.-B. Com. LL.B-1st Semester (Bajwara) Exam (December-2016)
208/12/2016CHANGE: LL.M-1st Semester (1 Year Course-Deptt. of Law, PU) Exam. (December-2016)
308/12/2016CHANGES: B.A.-B. Com. LL.B (Hons.) (5 Year Course)-5th & 7th Semester Exam. (December-2016)
407/12/2016ADDITION: LL.B.-4th Semester Paper V(a) Examination (December-2016)
507/12/2016CHANGES: M.A. (Gandhian-Defence) 3RD SEMESTER Exam. (December-2016)
607/12/2016ADDITIONS: M.A. & M.SC.-1st & 3rd SEMESTER Exam (December-2016)
707/12/2016CHANGE: B.A.-B.Sc. 3RD SEMESTER (Industrial Chemistry Paper-A) Exam. (December-2016)
801/12/2016CHANGE in CENTRE: Prak Shastri-Shastri-1st, 3rd & 5th Semester Examination (December-2016)
901/12/2016CHANGE in TIMINGS: Various M.B.B.S. Theory Examinations (December-2016)
1019/11/2016CHANGE in the TIMINGS: LL.B., LL.M. & B.H.M.S. Examinations (November-December, 2016)
1127/10/2016Panjab University, Chandigarh Notice
1224/10/2016Instructions For Admission Form (2017)
1306/10/2016Press Release for UG & PG courses
1403/10/2016CHANGE of VENUE: M.D.-M.S. (Annual System) Supplementary Exam. (October-2016)
1503/10/2016Re-Examination: M.F.A.-2nd Semester (Applied Art-Advertising & Mkt. Research) (October-2016)
1608/09/2016Rates of Examination, other related Application Forms and Fee- Structure
1710/08/2016Question Booklet MPHIL/PHD (Statistics) - 2016
1805/08/2016Answer Key of MBA(Executive) - 2016
1905/08/2016Question Booklet MBA(Executive) - 2016
2004/08/2016Answer Key of MPHIL/PHD - 2016
2104/08/2016Question Booklet of MPHIL/PHD - 2016 (Faculty of Arts, Business Management & Commerce, Design & Fine arts, Education, Law)
2204/08/2016Question Booklet of MPHIL/PHD - 2016 (Faculty of Sciences)
2304/08/2016Question Booklet of MPHIL/PHD - 2016 (Faculty of Languages)
2404/08/2016Question Booklet of MPHIL/PHD - 2016 (Faculty of Engineering)
2503/08/2016Re-Examination: ADVANCED Diploma Course (Add-On-Courses) Journalism-A (August-2016)
2603/08/2016Re-Examination: DIPLOMA COURSE (Add-On-Courses) Journalism-A (August-2016)
2703/08/2016WITHDRAWAL: Notification No. 13536-13548C (Reg. LL.M.-2nd Semester)
2802/08/2016Re-Examination: LL.M. (2 Year Course) 2ND SEMESTER-Family Law (August-2016)
2927/07/2016Paragraph 97 from the minutes of meeting of SYNDICATE/SENATE held on 1/15/28/29, May 2016
3026/07/2016RE-EXAMINATION: B.A-2nd Year (ENGLISH-Compulsory) Special-clash-medical-missed chance (August-2016)
3125/07/2016Re-Examination: CERTIFICATE COURSE (Add-On-Courses) Interior Designing & Dec.-B (August-2016)
3225/07/2016ADDITIONS: B.A.-B.Sc.(Gen.)-B.Sc. (Agriculture)-B.Ed.(SPECIAL-Clash-Medical- Sports) SEMESTER SYSTEM Exam. (July-August, 2016)
3322/07/2016CHANGE: B.A.-3rd Year (POLITICAL SCIENCE-B) (Special-Clash-Medical-Sports Chance) Examination (July-2016)
3419/07/2016PULEET- 2016 Final Answer Key
3514/07/2016ADDITION: M.A. (History)-2nd Year (Special Chance) Examinations (July-2016)
3614/07/2016ADDITIONS: MBA (Full)-1st & 3rd Semester (Reappear) Examination (July-2016)
3712/07/2016 Answer Key of PULEET-2016
3812/07/2016Questions Booklet of PULEET-2016
3911/07/2016ADDITIONS-CHANGES: B.E.-M.B.A. (Odd Semester-Reappear) Examination (July-2016)
4008/07/2016Instructions for Private Candidates
4108/07/2016Various types of Codes for Undergraduate Examinations, Sept/Oct, 2016
4207/07/2016ADDITIONS: MBA (Off Campus)-3rd Semester (Special Chance-Reappear) Exam. (July-2016)
4307/07/2016ADDITION: M.A. (Punjabi)-1ST YEAR (Special Chance) Examination (July-2016)
4407/07/2016ADDITIONS: B.SC. (General-Bio Chemistry-B), B. Sc. (Hons.-Biotech-Bioinfo)-1st & 3rd Year (SPECIAL CHANCE) Examination (July-2016)
4507/07/2016CORRECTION: B.A.-3RD YEAR (Journalism & Mass Communication-B) Exam. (July-2016)
4607/07/2016Final Answer Key of MSc(HS)(Physics/Med. Physics/Physics & Elect)-2016
4701/07/2016Final Answer key of LL.B.(3 Year Course)-2016
4830/06/2016LLM -CET(PG) 2016 Answer Key
4930/06/2016LLM -CET(PG) 2016 Question Booklet
5027/06/2016ADDITIONS: B.A.-B.C.A.-I, II & III YEAR (SPECIAL Chance-Clash-Medical-Sports) Examination (July-2016)
5127/06/2016ADDITIONS: M.A.(Hindi-English)-2ND YEAR (SPECIAL CHANCE) Examination (July-2016)
5223/06/2016CET(PG) - 2016 Question Booklet Part 1
5323/06/2016CET(PG) - 2016 Question Booklet Part 2
5423/06/2016CET(PG)- 2016 Answer Key
5523/06/2016Answer key of LL.B.(3 Year Course)-2016
5623/06/2016Questions Booklet of LL.B.(3 Year Course)-2016
5707/06/2016CETUG-2016 BioTechnology Question Booklet
5807/06/2016CETUG-2016 Computer Science Question Booklet
5907/06/2016CETUG-2016 Mathematics Question Booklet
6007/06/2016CETUG-2016 Biology Question Booklet
6107/06/2016CETUG-2016 Chemistry Question Booklet
6207/06/2016CETUG-2016 Physics Question Booklet
6307/06/2016CETUG-2016 Answer Key
6403/06/2016CHANGE: B.E.(Chemical-FT-Chemical with MBA) 3rd Semester (Paper: Fluid Flow) June, 2016
6503/06/2016CHANGES: Certificate Course in FRENCH Examination (June-2016)
6603/06/2016CHANGE: B.Sc. (M.L.T) Part-III Annual Examination (June-2016)
6725/05/2016ADDITION in Examination Centre (ADD-ON-COURSES) (GHG K.C. Gurusar Sudhar)
6825/05/2016ADDITIONS: DIPLOMA COURSE (Add-on-Courses) being held in May-2016
6925/05/2016RE-EXAMINATION: B.A. (Hons. School) Economics-(BAHSECO-403) 4th Semester (May-2016)
7025/05/2016RE-EXAMINATION: B.Sc. (General)-3rd Semester (IMB-301)
7124/05/2016CHANGE: B.E.-B.E.(MBA-EE 404)-4th Semester Examination (May-2016)
7224/05/2016ADDITIONS: B.E. (Chemical)-3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th & 8th Semester Exam. (May-June, 2016)
7324/05/2016CHANGE: Certificate Course in GERMAN Examination (May-2016)
7424/05/2016CHANGES in Subject-Code No.: M. Tech.-M.E. (both Modular and Regular) Programmes (June-2016)
7520/05/2016ADDITION: B.Ed.-2nd Semester (CCA-Reappear) Examination (May-2016)
7619/05/2016RE-EXAMINATION: M.A. (Psychology) 4th Semester (Paper-I) examination (May-2016)
7718/05/2016CHANGES: B.E.-B.E.(MBA)-8TH & 10TH SEMESTER Examination (May-2016)
7817/05/2016ADDITIONS: B.E.-B.E.(MBA)-4th, 6th & 8th Semester Examination (May-2016)
7916/05/2016ADDITIONS: M.A. (Education)-2nd & 4th Semester Examination (May-2016)
8016/05/2016ADDITION: B.Sc.(Fashion & Lifestyle Technology)-2ND SEMESTER Examination (May-2016)
8114/05/2016ADDITIONS: B.E.-B.E.(MBA)-6TH SEMESTER Examination (May-2016)
8214/05/2016CHANGES: Subject-Code No.-B.E.-B.E.(MBA)-4TH & 8TH SEMESTER (May-2016)
8314/05/2016ADDITION-CHANGE: M.A. (Social Work)-4th Semester Examination (May-2016)
8414/05/2016ADDITIONS in Examination Centres (ADD-ON-COURSES) (May-2016)
8513/05/2016Final Answer Key of UGLAW-2016
8610/05/2016CHANGE: P.G. Diploma in Guidance & Counselling-2ND SEMESTER (May-2016)
8710/05/2016Answer Key of PUTHAT 2016
8810/05/2016Questions Booklet of PUTHAT 2016
8905/05/2016Change in B. Com-2nd Semester (May-2016)
9005/05/2016CHANGE: M. Sc. (Physics)-4th Semester (Regular-Reappear) Examination (May-2016)
9105/05/2016Change: MEFB-4th Semester Practical Examination (May-2016)
9204/05/2016CHANGE: B.A.-3rd Year (Hons.) (For Compartment-Full Subjects) Examination (May-2016)
9304/05/2016CHANGE: M.A. (History)-4th Semester (Regular-Reappear) Examination (May-2016)
9404/05/2016CHANGES: M.A. (Psychology)-4th Semester (Regular-Reappear) Examination (May-2016)
9504/05/2016ADDITIONS: LL.B.-4th & 5th Semester (Old Syllabus) Examination (May-June, 2016)
9602/05/2016ADDITION: M.Sc. (Environment Science)-4th Semester (Regular-Reappear) Examination (May-2016)
9729/04/2016CHANGE in Subject: B.Sc. (Hons.) Bioinformatics-Biotechnology-2ND SEMESTER Examination (May-2016)
9829/04/2016Answer Key of UGLAW 2016
9929/04/2016Questions Booklet of UGLAW 2016
10022/04/2016CHANGE: LL.B.-3rd Semester (Regular-Reappear) Examination (April-May, 2016)
10121/04/2016ADDITION in undergraduate PRACTICAL: B.A.-2nd & 4th Semester Examinations (April-May, 2016)
10215/03/2016CORRECTION: B.Sc.(Hons.) Biotechnology-2nd Year (PRACTICAL EXAMINATION) March-2016
10315/03/2016Notification: Reg. IMPROVEMENT-DEFICIENT-ADDITIONAL Chance in June-2016
10404/03/2016SPECIAL CHANCE (Theory Date-Sheet): Candidates Missed Examinations in December-2015
10621/10/2015Subject-Code for B.A.(Annual), April 2016
10721/10/2015Instruction Page B.A.(Annual), April 2016
10806/10/2015Press Release for M.A. Sociology
10928/09/2015Date Extended for the Semester System
11024/09/2015CORRIGENDUM -- golden Chance for Annual and Sem. system
11122/09/2015Answer keys of CET(PG)-Disaster Management,Remote Sensing & GIS-2015
11222/09/2015Question Booklet of CET(PG)-Disaster Management-2015
11322/09/2015Question Booklet of CET(PG)-Remote Sensing & GIS-2015
11504/09/2015Golden Chance to Graduate/Postgraduate students of (Annual System)
11611/08/2015Answer keys of PU-LL.M.-2015
11711/08/2015Question Booklet of PU-LL.M.-2015
11805/08/2015 Answer keys of M.Phil And Ph.D -2015
11905/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Botany-2015
12005/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Electrical Engineering - Instrumentation and Control-2015
12105/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Women Studies And Development-2015
12205/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Chemistry-2015
12305/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Civil Engineering (Construction Technology & Management)-2015
12405/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Zoology-2015
12505/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Geology-2015
12605/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Gandhian and Peace Studies-2015
12705/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD French-2015
12805/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Forensic Science and Criminology-2015
12905/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Environment Science-2015
13005/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD System Biology and Bioinformatics-2015
13105/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Statistics-2015
13205/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Sociology-2015
13305/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Sanskrit-2015
13405/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Russian-2015
13505/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Punjabi-2015
13605/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Public Administration-2015
13705/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Psychology-2015
13805/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Political Science-2015
13905/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Physics-2015
14005/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Police Administration-2015
14105/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Physical Education-2015
14205/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Philosophy-2015
14305/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Nanoscience and Nanotechnology-2015
14405/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Music-2015
14505/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Microbiology-2015
14605/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Microbial Technology-2015
14705/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Medical Physics-2015
14805/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Mechanical Engineering-2015
14905/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Laws-2015
15005/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Information Technology-2015
15105/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Indian Theatre-2015
15205/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD History -2015
15305/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Hindi-2015
15405/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD English-2015
15505/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Electronics and Commuication Engineering -2015
15605/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Electrical and Electronics Engineering-2015
15705/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Economics-2015
15805/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Defence and National Security -2015
15905/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Computer Science and Engineering-2015
16005/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Commuinty Education and Disability Studies -2015
16105/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Civil Engineering -2015
16205/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Business Management and Commerce-2015
16305/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Biotechnology Engineering-2015
16405/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Bio Physics -2015
16505/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Bio Chemistry-2015
16605/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Anthropology -2015
16705/08/2015Question Booklet of PHD Ancient Indian History -2015
16830/07/2015Answer keys of MBA-Executive(USOL)-2015
16930/07/2015Question Booklet of MBA- Executive(USOL)-2015
17024/07/2015Answer keys of BDS-2015
17124/07/2015Question Booklet of BDS- Biology-2015
17224/07/2015Question Booklet of BDS- Chemistry-2015
17324/07/2015Question Booklet of BDS- Physics-2015
17417/07/2015Questions Booklet and Answers Key of PULEET-2015
17515/07/2015Questions Booklet and Answers Key of M.Ed.(M.R.) 2015
17615/07/2015Questions Booklet and Answers Key of M.Ed.(Regular) 2015
17730/06/2015Final Answer key of LL.B.(3 Year Course)-2015
17825/06/2015Answer keys of PU-CET (P.G.) 2015 Entrance Test, for all courses
17925/06/2015Question Booklet of M.E.(Chemical with specialization in Environmental Engg.)-2015
18025/06/2015Question Booklet of MSc(HS)(Computer Science)-2015
18125/06/2015Question Booklet of Masters in Disaster Management-2015
18225/06/2015Question Booklet of Masters of Business Administration for Executives(MBAfEX)-2015
18325/06/2015Question Booklet of MSc(2yr)(Hum.Genomics)-2015
18425/06/2015Question Booklet of M.Tech(Polymer)-2015
18525/06/2015Question Booklet of M.Tech(NanoSc. & NanoTech)-2015
18625/06/2015Question Booklet of Masters in Remote Sensing & GIS-2015
18725/06/2015Question Booklet of MSc(HS/2yr)(Chemistry)-2015
18825/06/2015Question Booklet of M.E.F.B-2015
18925/06/2015Question Booklet of M.E. Electrical Engg.(Instrumentaion & Control)-2015
19025/06/2015Question Booklet of M.E.Mechanical Engg.(Manufacturing Technology)-2015
19125/06/2015Question Booklet of MSc(HS/2yr)(Botany)-2015
19225/06/2015Question Booklet of M.Sc.(Industrial Chemistry)-2015
19325/06/2015Question Booklet of MSc(HS/2yr)(Biotechnology)-2015
19425/06/2015Question Booklet of Civil Engg. (Construction Technology & Management)-2015
19525/06/2015Question Booklet of M.P.Ed-2015
19625/06/2015Question Booklet of M.E(Electronics & Communication Engg.)-2015
19725/06/2015Question Booklet of MSc(2yr)(Microbial Bio. Tec)-2015
19825/06/2015Question Booklet of M.E.(Computer Sc. & Engg.)-2015
19925/06/2015Question Booklet of MSc (HS)(Geology)-2015
20025/06/2015Question Booklet of M.E.(Chemical)-2015
20125/06/2015Question Booklet of M.E.(Food Technology)-2015
20225/06/2015Question Booklet of Msc(HS)(Physics/Med.Physics/Physics & Elect)-2015
20325/06/2015Question Booklet of MBACIT-2015
20425/06/2015Question Booklet of Msc(2yr)(Environment Sc.)-2015
20525/06/2015Question Booklet of Msc(HS)(Mathematics)-2015
20625/06/2015Question Booklet of Msc(HS)(Biophysics)-2015
20725/06/2015Question Booklet of Msc(HS)(Biochemistry)-2015
20825/06/2015Question Booklet of Msc(2yr)(Nuclear Medicine)-2015
20925/06/2015Question Booklet of Master In Public Health -2015
21025/06/2015Question Booklet of Msc(2yr)(Bioinformatics/system Bio & Bio. Informatics)-2015
21125/06/2015Question Booklet of Msc(HS/2yr)(Zoology)-2015
21225/06/2015Question Booklet of Mcom(Honours)-2015
21325/06/2015Question Booklet of B.P.Ed-2015
21425/06/2015Question Booklet of M.C.A-2015
21525/06/2015Question Booklet of M.B.E.-2015
21625/06/2015Question Booklet of LL.M-2015
21725/06/2015Question Booklet of M.A(Geography)-2015
21825/06/2015Question Booklet of MCom(Business Innovation)-2015
21924/06/2015 Answer key of LL.B.(3 Year Course)-2015
22024/06/2015Questions Booklet of LL.B.(3 Year Course)-2015
22129/05/2015Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Computer Science
22229/05/2015Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Biotechnology
22329/05/2015Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Mathematics
22429/05/2015Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Biology
22529/05/2015Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Chemistry
22629/05/2015Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Physics
22725/05/2015Gazette list for the Post of Daily Wagers Clerks (Advt. No. 01/2015)-2015
22821/05/2015Questions Booklet and Answers Key of UGLAW 2015
22906/05/2015Answer key of PU-THAT,2015
23006/05/2015Questions Booklet of PU-THAT,2015
23101/05/2015Grant of special chance to the students of UILS/Dept. of Law/MBA(Off Campus) or any other similar professional courses examinations
23210/02/2015Schedule of detailed activities of various Entrance Tests-2015
23322/01/2015Acceptance Proforma for acting as Centre Superintendent for the conduct of various University examinations
23419/01/2015Recommendation Performa for appointment as CENTRE SUPERINTENDENTS(for Teachers)
23513/01/2015Schedule for Entrance Test for 2015
23612/12/2014Examination Postponed
23705/11/2014Last Date for UG Examination
23813/09/2014Revised Date-Sheets for B.A/B.Sc(General)/B.Com/B.B.A/B.C.A./ B.Sc(Microbial & Food Technology)
23926/08/2014Schedule for receipt of Exam. Admission Forms and Fees for the Annual Sem. system Exam. 2014 15
24025/08/2014Questions Booklet & Answers Key of BDS 2014
24119/08/2014Questions Booklet & Answers Key of BHMS 2014
24213/08/2014Answers Key of MPhil/PHD 2014
24313/08/2014Questions Booklet of MPhil/PHD 2014 (PART II)
24413/08/2014Questions Booklet of MPhil/PHD 2014 (PART I)
24511/08/2014Questions Booklet & Answers Key of MBA(Executive) 2014
24618/07/2014Questions Booklet and Answers Key of PULEET 2014
24714/07/2014Questions & Answers of PGLAW 2014
24813/07/2014Questions and Answers of PGLAW 2014
24907/07/2014M.Ed Question Booklet 2014
25007/07/2014Keys of M.Ed entrance test

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