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Notice Board/Circulars

1CHANGE in Subject: B.Sc. (Hons.) Bioinformatics-Biotechnology-2ND SEMESTER Examination (May-2016)
2Answer Key of UGLAW 2016
3Questions Booklet of UGLAW 2016
4CHANGE: LL.B.-3rd Semester (Regular-Reappear) Examination (April-May, 2016)
5ADDITION in undergraduate PRACTICAL: B.A.-2nd & 4th Semester Examinations (April-May, 2016)
6CORRECTION: B.Sc.(Hons.) Biotechnology-2nd Year (PRACTICAL EXAMINATION) March-2016
7Notification: Reg. IMPROVEMENT-DEFICIENT-ADDITIONAL Chance in June-2016
8SPECIAL CHANCE (Theory Date-Sheet): Candidates Missed Examinations in December-2015
10Subject-Code for B.A.(Annual), April 2016
11Instruction Page B.A.(Annual), April 2016
12Press Release for M.A. Sociology
13Date Extended for the Semester System
14CORRIGENDUM -- golden Chance for Annual and Sem. system
15Answer keys of CET(PG)-Disaster Management,Remote Sensing & GIS-2015
16Question Booklet of CET(PG)-Disaster Management-2015
17Question Booklet of CET(PG)-Remote Sensing & GIS-2015
19Golden Chance to Graduate/Postgraduate students of (Annual System)
20Answer keys of PU-LL.M.-2015
21Question Booklet of PU-LL.M.-2015
22 Answer keys of M.Phil And Ph.D -2015
23Question Booklet of PHD Botany-2015
24Question Booklet of PHD Electrical Engineering - Instrumentation and Control-2015
25Question Booklet of PHD Women Studies And Development-2015
26Question Booklet of PHD Chemistry-2015
27Question Booklet of PHD Civil Engineering (Construction Technology & Management)-2015
28Question Booklet of PHD Zoology-2015
29Question Booklet of PHD Geology-2015
30Question Booklet of PHD Gandhian and Peace Studies-2015
31Question Booklet of PHD French-2015
32Question Booklet of PHD Forensic Science and Criminology-2015
33Question Booklet of PHD Environment Science-2015
34Question Booklet of PHD System Biology and Bioinformatics-2015
35Question Booklet of PHD Statistics-2015
36Question Booklet of PHD Sociology-2015
37Question Booklet of PHD Sanskrit-2015
38Question Booklet of PHD Russian-2015
39Question Booklet of PHD Punjabi-2015
40Question Booklet of PHD Public Administration-2015
41Question Booklet of PHD Psychology-2015
42Question Booklet of PHD Political Science-2015
43Question Booklet of PHD Physics-2015
44Question Booklet of PHD Police Administration-2015
45Question Booklet of PHD Physical Education-2015
46Question Booklet of PHD Philosophy-2015
47Question Booklet of PHD Nanoscience and Nanotechnology-2015
48Question Booklet of PHD Music-2015
49Question Booklet of PHD Microbiology-2015
50Question Booklet of PHD Microbial Technology-2015
51Question Booklet of PHD Medical Physics-2015
52Question Booklet of PHD Mechanical Engineering-2015
53Question Booklet of PHD Laws-2015
54Question Booklet of PHD Information Technology-2015
55Question Booklet of PHD Indian Theatre-2015
56Question Booklet of PHD History -2015
57Question Booklet of PHD Hindi-2015
58Question Booklet of PHD English-2015
59Question Booklet of PHD Electronics and Commuication Engineering -2015
60Question Booklet of PHD Electrical and Electronics Engineering-2015
61Question Booklet of PHD Economics-2015
62Question Booklet of PHD Defence and National Security -2015
63Question Booklet of PHD Computer Science and Engineering-2015
64Question Booklet of PHD Commuinty Education and Disability Studies -2015
65Question Booklet of PHD Civil Engineering -2015
66Question Booklet of PHD Business Management and Commerce-2015
67Question Booklet of PHD Biotechnology Engineering-2015
68Question Booklet of PHD Bio Physics -2015
69Question Booklet of PHD Bio Chemistry-2015
70Question Booklet of PHD Anthropology -2015
71Question Booklet of PHD Ancient Indian History -2015
72Answer keys of MBA-Executive(USOL)-2015
73Question Booklet of MBA- Executive(USOL)-2015
74Answer keys of BDS-2015
75Question Booklet of BDS- Biology-2015
76Question Booklet of BDS- Chemistry-2015
77Question Booklet of BDS- Physics-2015
78Questions Booklet and Answers Key of PULEET-2015
79Questions Booklet and Answers Key of M.Ed.(M.R.) 2015
80Questions Booklet and Answers Key of M.Ed.(Regular) 2015
81Final Answer key of LL.B.(3 Year Course)-2015
82Answer keys of PU-CET (P.G.) 2015 Entrance Test, for all courses
83Question Booklet of M.E.(Chemical with specialization in Environmental Engg.)-2015
84Question Booklet of MSc(HS)(Computer Science)-2015
85Question Booklet of Masters in Disaster Management-2015
86Question Booklet of Masters of Business Administration for Executives(MBAfEX)-2015
87Question Booklet of MSc(2yr)(Hum.Genomics)-2015
88Question Booklet of M.Tech(Polymer)-2015
89Question Booklet of M.Tech(NanoSc. & NanoTech)-2015
90Question Booklet of Masters in Remote Sensing & GIS-2015
91Question Booklet of MSc(HS/2yr)(Chemistry)-2015
92Question Booklet of M.E.F.B-2015
93Question Booklet of M.E. Electrical Engg.(Instrumentaion & Control)-2015
94Question Booklet of M.E.Mechanical Engg.(Manufacturing Technology)-2015
95Question Booklet of MSc(HS/2yr)(Botany)-2015
96Question Booklet of M.Sc.(Industrial Chemistry)-2015
97Question Booklet of MSc(HS/2yr)(Biotechnology)-2015
98Question Booklet of Civil Engg. (Construction Technology & Management)-2015
99Question Booklet of M.P.Ed-2015
100Question Booklet of M.E(Electronics & Communication Engg.)-2015
101Question Booklet of MSc(2yr)(Microbial Bio. Tec)-2015
102Question Booklet of M.E.(Computer Sc. & Engg.)-2015
103Question Booklet of MSc (HS)(Geology)-2015
104Question Booklet of M.E.(Chemical)-2015
105Question Booklet of M.E.(Food Technology)-2015
106Question Booklet of Msc(HS)(Physics/Med.Physics/Physics & Elect)-2015
107Question Booklet of MBACIT-2015
108Question Booklet of Msc(2yr)(Environment Sc.)-2015
109Question Booklet of Msc(HS)(Mathematics)-2015
110Question Booklet of Msc(HS)(Biophysics)-2015
111Question Booklet of Msc(HS)(Biochemistry)-2015
112Question Booklet of Msc(2yr)(Nuclear Medicine)-2015
113Question Booklet of Master In Public Health -2015
114Question Booklet of Msc(2yr)(Bioinformatics/system Bio & Bio. Informatics)-2015
115Question Booklet of Msc(HS/2yr)(Zoology)-2015
116Question Booklet of Mcom(Honours)-2015
117Question Booklet of B.P.Ed-2015
118Question Booklet of M.C.A-2015
119Question Booklet of M.B.E.-2015
120Question Booklet of LL.M-2015
121Question Booklet of M.A(Geography)-2015
122Question Booklet of MCom(Business Innovation)-2015
123 Answer key of LL.B.(3 Year Course)-2015
124Questions Booklet of LL.B.(3 Year Course)-2015
125Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Computer Science
126Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Biotechnology
127Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Mathematics
128Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Biology
129Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Chemistry
130Questions Booklet and Answers Key of CET(UG&BHMS)-2015:Physics
131Gazette list for the Post of Daily Wagers Clerks (Advt. No. 01/2015)-2015
132Questions Booklet and Answers Key of UGLAW 2015
133Answer key of PU-THAT,2015
134Questions Booklet of PU-THAT,2015
135Grant of special chance to the students of UILS/Dept. of Law/MBA(Off Campus) or any other similar professional courses examinations
136Schedule of detailed activities of various Entrance Tests-2015
137Acceptance Proforma for acting as Centre Superintendent for the conduct of various University examinations
138Recommendation Performa for appointment as CENTRE SUPERINTENDENTS(for Teachers)
139Schedule for Entrance Test for 2015
140Examination Postponed
141Last Date for UG Examination
142Revised Date-Sheets for B.A/B.Sc(General)/B.Com/B.B.A/B.C.A./ B.Sc(Microbial & Food Technology)
143Schedule for receipt of Exam. Admission Forms and Fees for the Annual Sem. system Exam. 2014 15
144Questions Booklet & Answers Key of BDS 2014
145Questions Booklet & Answers Key of BHMS 2014
146Answers Key of MPhil/PHD 2014
147Questions Booklet of MPhil/PHD 2014 (PART II)
148Questions Booklet of MPhil/PHD 2014 (PART I)
149Questions Booklet & Answers Key of MBA(Executive) 2014
150Questions Booklet and Answers Key of PULEET 2014
151Questions & Answers of PGLAW 2014
152Questions and Answers of PGLAW 2014
153M.Ed Question Booklet 2014
154Keys of M.Ed entrance test

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